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Our Presentations

  • From the Lighthouse: Visioneering Taxonomies' Future, Developed and moderated closing panel session, Taxonomy Boot Camp 2009, November 2009
  • Merging or Integrating Multiple Taxonomies, with Heather Hedden & Carol Hert, Taxonomy Boot Camp 2009, November 2009
  • Yaksonomy 101: a networking event, and Folksonomy and Ontolology, with Marcia Morante, Taxonomy Boot Camp 2008, September 2008
  • How to Determine If Auto-Categorization Software Is Right for You, Taxonomy Boot Camp 2007, November 2007
  • Guest lecturer, University of Illinois Graduate School of Library and Information Science, Thesaurus Construction (LIS 590TC), October 2007
  • Integrating Taxonomies with Search and Auto-Categorization, Schemalogic Webinar, March 2007
  • Integrating Taxonomy & Search: Practices & Trends with Gary Carlson, KMWorld 2006, October 2006
  • Buy, Build, Automate: The Great Debate, with Tom Reamy and Jim Wessely, Taxonomy Boot Camp 2006, November 2006
  • Integrating Search and Taxonomy: A Deep Dive, and Boosting Findability, Workshops with Lisa Kamm, Enterprise Search Summit, May 2006
  • Increasing Findability: Using Metadata, Taxonomy, and a Clever User Interface to Make Intranet Content Easier to Find, Content Week 2006, January 2006
  • Taxonomy Development and Usage, Workshop with Tom Reamy and Josh Powers, KMWorld 2005, November 2005
  • How Enterprise Taxonomy Metadata Management Complements, Enriches and Improves Findability, Schemalogic Webinar, November 2005
  • Implementing Enterprise Taxonomies, Vocabularies, Ontologies and Folksonomies on IBM's Corporate Intranet, SchemaLogic webinar, October 2005
  • Building a Taxonomy: the Process" and "Enabling Your Taxonomy: Integration & Implementation, Workshops with Seth Earley, InfoToday Taxonomy Bootcamp, September 2005
  • Frequent presenter on Earley and Associates Taxonomy Community of Practice Conference Calls March – June 2005
  • Taxonomy as a Knowledge Roadmap, Gilbane Conference on Knowledge Management Technologies, December 2004
  • Developing Taxonomies for Content Organization, KMWorld 2003
  • Building and Managing Enterprise Taxonomies, KMPro Innovative Enterprise World Summit
  • Taxonomies, Lexicons and Organizing Content, InfoToday 2003 Content Management Symposium
  • Content Management: Organizing the Chaos, with Seth Earley, e-gov Knowledge Management 2003
  • Taxonomies, Lexicons, and Organizing Knowledge, presentations at KnowledgeNets 2002, KMWorld 2002
  • Alternative Careers in Information Science, ASIST Event
  • Landing the Raven—Positioning the Lotus KM Implementation in the Enterprise, presentation at KnowledgeNets 2001
  • Taxonomies of Knowledge: Uncovering Hidden Themes in Existing Corporate Data, panelist, KnowledgeNets 2001
  • Automated Taxonomy Solutions: Issues, Process and Challenges, paper presented at Internet World 2000

Our Professional Publications

  • Practical Knowledge Management: The Lotus Knowledge Discovery System, by Wendi Pohs, et al. USA: IBM Press, 2001
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  • Leverage taxonomies for enterprise search using IBM OmniFind, IBM Classification Module, and SchemaLogic: A guide to tapping the power of taxonomies for integrated search solutions, by Jochen Doerre, Josamina Magdalen, Bob StClair, Wendi Pohs. IBM developerWorks, February 2007
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  • Implementing enterprise taxonomies with Websphere Information Integrator OmniFind Edition, by Wendi Pohs, Stephen C Gates, Jochen Doerre. IBM developerWorks, March 2005
  • Installing a Websphere Edge Server as a proxy with Lotus Workplace Messaging, by Geno Spinosa, Wendi Pohs. IBM developerWorks, August 2004
  • Searching legacy data using the Discovery Server XML spider, by Wendi Pohs. LDD Today, January 2003
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  • Importing a file system taxonomy, by Wendi Pohs and Dick McCarrick. LDD Today, July 2002
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  • Selecting and Configuring Discovery Server data repositories, by Wendi Pohs. LDD Today, June 2002
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  • A preview of Lotus Discovery Server 2.0, by Wendi Pohs and Dick McCarrick. LDD Today, May 2002
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  • The Lotus Knowledge Discovery System: Tools and Experiences, by Wendi Pohs, Gary Pinder, Chris Dougherty, and Marianne White. IBM Systems Journal, Vol 4, Number 4, 2001
  • Issues in the Design of Software Systems to Support Voluntary Electronic Communities, by Michael Muller, Wendi Pohs, and Jessica Friedman
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